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Yuntaishan Mountain National Geopark
Yuntaishan Mountain National Geopark

The Yuntaishan Mountain National Geopark, Jiaozuo, Henan is situated in the north of xiuwu county, Jiaozuo city, it is just at the south slope of Taihangshan Mountain. The central area of the geopark is about 80 km2,. The major geological heritages are the structural cuesta, flying waterfalls on faulted cliffs and quiet valleys and clear springs.
    Within the scope of the geopark, the strong erosion and cutting made the landforms be very tattered, with many deep canyons and steep cliffs. The geopark shows a picture scroll of steep and high peaks up to the


skies, the magnificent peaks, flying waterfalls in faulted cliffs, quiet valleys and clear brooks, green hills, abundant fossils and other geological heritages, as well as the many historic & cultural relics.
    A well-exposed and complete stratigraphic section represents a geological history from the 1.4 billion years ago to 300Ma ago. There are many geological hertages, such as the Archaeozoic to Early Proterozoic basis, especially the typical structural heritages of Neotectonic movement in Cenozoic Era.

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